NYU Libraries Adds India National Sample Survey Organization Data

Recently, NYU Libraries and Data Services acquired a series of data from India’s National Sample Survey Office, which is a program of the Ministry of Statistics. The data we have added span the years of 1987- 2014 and cover core indicators like consumer expenditure, literacy and culture, participation in education, manufacturing, and more. The data is updated to adhere to the DDI standard24-nssoIf you are a member of the NYU community, you can access the data by searching in the Data Services Collection in the Faculty Digital Archive.

In addition to this recently acquired data, we have digitized older editions of India census data from 2001 as well. This data is available in the Faculty Digital Archive Data Services collection. Many thanks to Stephen Balogh for help processing this acquisition and to Aruna Magier, NYU’s South Asia Librarian, for her initiative and efforts in corresponding with the NSS and pursuing the acquisition of this data. Any questions should be directed toward Aruna.

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