NYU Fall 2020 Tutorials Go Local

Welcome to NYU, and for those returning, welcome back to the Fall 2020 semester. This Fall, Data Services has released a robust offering of online, synchronous tutorials that cover software and literacies related to many steps of the data research lifecycle. To see our full list of tutorials and register for them, visit the Data Services tutorials calendar.

Because our tutorials are online, and because we want to reach a broader audience at NYU, we have also listed a handful of offerings at times that are well-suited for those at the NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai campuses. The Fall 2020 NYU Go Local list of featured tutorials is as follows:

These tutorials are available to anyone in the NYU community, regardless of current location. They are not recorded because we want anyone who participates to feel comfortable asking questions, sharing examples, or interacting with us as we work through the software. For any questions about registering for Data Services classes, visit the Data Services homepage or email data.services@nyu.edu

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