Love Your Data Week at NYU

February 8–12 is Love Your Data (#LYD16) week! Our research data does so much for us . . . why not return the favor?

Caring for your data means investing in ways to better organize, share, preserve and reuse research materials of all types and sizes. Sustainable research data forms the bedrock of scientific inquiry, and yet scholars often fail to create a suitable environment for that data to be used and reused in the future. Good decisions made about file formats, data documentation, project management, and repository selection are all key steps to ensuring that one’s research data does not become obsolete despite the years of hard work and resources that are required to produce those materials.

Throughout the week, participating institutions and researchers will be sharing tips and resources for data stewardship on Twitter via #LYD16. Learn about:

  • Open Source software for data and project management
  • Data citation and getting Credit for your data
  • Reproducible data
  • Procedures and practices for documenting data
  • Storage, organization, and documentation of research files
  • Resources that NYU Data Services has to offer in data management

And, of course, you’ll be linked with data-curation professionals and a community of scholars dedicated to data sharing and access.

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