Love Data Week 2020: Census Edition

Data Services is hosting a special edition of Love Data Week with a focus on census data. We are hosting a serious of speakers, data providers, and classes focusing on how to use, reuse, and find census data.

To register for events, visit the library signup page.

Among the highlights:

Tuesday, February 11, 1:00-2:00

“Counting New York: NYC Census 2020” [Register]

Julie Menin, Director, NYC Census 2020

Wednesday, February 12, 1:00-2:00

The Economic Census [Register]

Lucia S. Foster, Chief, Center for Economic Studies, Economic Indicators Division (EID), US Census Bureau

Wednesday, February 12, 4:00-5:00

Social Explorer [Register]

Social Explorer offers mapping historical and current U.S. Census Data. 

February 13, 2:00-3:00 [Register]

An interactive portal for accessing and downloading all Census Bureau datasets.


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