Love Data Week 2018

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Love Data Week (formerly Love Your Data Week) has arrived! This year’s theme is telling stories with data, and in that spirit Data Services will be hosting a series of workshops designed to think about how you can transform your data, code, and research into effective publications. We’ll look at how you can build an online profile that will allow you to persistently link your publications and data to your researcher identity, and look at ways to ensure you get credit for citations of your research. We’ll cover “executable papers” such as those created in Jupyter Notebooks and R Markdown that enable you to dynamically combine code with research findings, and look at ways to quickly move those papers to the web. We’ll also feature a “Love is in the Air!” day-long mapping event on Wednesday. Look for us on Twitter @nyudataservices to follow along with tips and tools, and right here on the Data Dispatch for more telling stories with data posts. See the schedule below for details and links to sign up.

Events at Bobst Library

Tuesday 13: Storytelling with Code & Data, room 743
3-4:30pm: Tools for Storytelling with Data | Register Here
4:30-6pm: Data Journalism with Meredith Broussard, Assist. Prof, NYU Journalism | Register Here

Wednesday 14: Love is in the Air – Let’s Map It! room 743 & 745
Register Here
9-10am: Evolution of GIS and Mapping
10:15-10:45am: Esri GIS Server
10:45-12pm: Spatial Analytics with ‘Insight’
1:15-4pm: GIS in the Field
4-5:30pm: Python for Spatial Analytics

Friday 16: Data Publishing Basics, room 743
3-4pm: Building a Citation Presence | Register Here
4-5pm: Documenting Your Data | Register Here
5-6pm: Data Publishing Platforms | Register Here

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