Five Things We Learned At . . . Qualtrics Insight Summit 2017

The Qualtrics Insight Summit 2017 was held 28 February – 3 March 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here are five things we learned:

  1. SURVEY DESIGN TIPS: Keep your survey as short as possible, use piped text to avoid asking duplicate questions, and use descriptive text questions rather than a progress bar to signal survey length.
  2. RESPONSE RATE TIPS: Try the following to improve response rates for hard to reach populations: reminders, motivational incentives, stress the importance of the survey, optimize for mobile devise, personalize with piped text, keep it short and tight!
  3. DISTRIBUTION TIPS: Want to embed your first question of the survey in your email?  You can create an “Inline Email Question” when sending your survey with the Qualtrics mailer!
  4. REPORTING TIPS: NYU Users can now manually code and analyze text-based responses on the insight platform within Qualtrics. Visit GO TO DATA & ANALYSIS >>> TEXT.
  5. DATA LIFE CYCLE TIPS: Consider pairing NYU SSO information on school/institutional type with NYU Qualtrics log-in permissions in order to assign NYU Qualtrics users to Divisions.

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