Map and Visualization Competition

We are holding a competition for the best map and the best data visualization. This competition is a great opportunity to learn about the outstanding and varied geospatial research and data analysis being conducted across the NYU community, and we welcome all submissions. Please note, however, that you must submit your visualization into ONLY ONE of the categories (map OR visualization).

Competition Rules & Instructions

  1. There are two competition categories: a. Mapping and b. Visualization. Each person can submit to ONLY ONE of these categories.
  2. All current NYU student, faculty, and staff are eligible to enter the competition.
  3. You can submit either a print-based or an interactive web-based map or visualization.
  4. If you are submitting a print-based map or visualization, please e-mail a copy of it in a “.PDF” format of at least 300 dpi to as an attachment. We will print out or display your visualization.
  5. If you are submitting an interactive web-based visualization, e-mail the published link or embed code to
  6. All submissions must be original creations. You are welcome to submit projects generated for a class, but please do not submit maps or visualizations that have been generated for a homework assignment. If you have questions about this distinction, let us know (
  7. For Mapping category, you are encouraged to use at least one dataset from our Spatial Data Repository ( If you cannot find a dataset that you want to use, please contact our team (

    How to Make a Submission

    Submit your entry along with your registration for DH + DATA day here: Registration Form


    The deadline for all submissions has been extended to Monday, October 22, 2018 | 11:59 pm.


    Each person who registers for DH + Data Day will receive a ballot and can nominate one map for each category. Voting will conclude at 4:00 PM and the winner will be announced at 4:30 PM.


    Gift cards to the NYU Bookstore, SWAG, and more. In addition winning entries will be featured on the Data Services webpage.

    If you have any questions, need help with finalizing your map/data visualization or converting your map/data visualization document to pdf, please contact us via email (